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Project Description

Middle Ear Implants

Grace Medical is proud to offer the finest in quality and innovation for your ENT needs. Grace Medical is a global market leader, offering an extensive range of products to treat disorders of the ear, nose and throat. Grace provides world-class product designs, proven materials, and a commitment to set the gold standard in customer service.

With the dynamic combination of youth and experience, Grace medical Inc, is committed to provide the latest in design and material advancement to their specialized products.

Grace Medical Product Line

Ossicular prostheses are commonly placed in patients with ossicular destruction or disruption due to cholesteatoma, chronic otitis media, or congenital ossicular malformation. Autografts were initially used for ossicular chain reconstruction due to their biocompatibility and good sound conduction.

Grace Medical offers a distinctive line of prostheses for otosclerosis. Each design, whether a bucket handle or piston, is a powerful statement of form and function. From traditional designs and materials to the more modern versions using Nitinol, each stapes prosthesis provides the innovation and quality required for stapedotomy or stapedectomy.

Grace’s featured product is the Triune Trumpet that it is developed based on the success of the original Triune tube.

Other standard yet high quality ventilation tubes i.e. Armstrong R, Shah, Collar Button, Shepard, and T-Tubes are produced by Grace Medial with 100% US origin.

Grace Medical offers a variety of instruments to meet client’s needs. Grace works closely with physicians, gathering feedback to design and create new, unique products and also to provide a full line of high quality, German stainless steel instruments for surgical as well as office use.



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