Dr. Abed Rabou Qubilat


Dr. Abed Rabou Qubilat FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Glsg), FRCS (Ire)Fellowship in Otology, Germany Dr. Abed Rabuo Qubilat has performed over than 325 successful syringes between the years ( 2017- 2021) .... A certificate of appreciation was offered to his kind persons as a reward for his faith in Graces products among these years, [...]

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King Abdullah Universty Hospital


King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) Ministry of Health Irbid, Jordan As a well-recognized distinguished service provider company by public and governmental institutions, Optitones has been awarded several ENT medical supplies tenders for more than ten years>  

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Royal Medical Services


Royal Medical Services The Royal Medical Services We are a trusted partner, that provides The Royal Medical Services with Grace Medical middle ear implant, titanium prostheses since 2006.

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