Dirt and ear wax can impair the function of ear molds, hearing protection, slim tubes and cause failures.

The audifon u-sonic offers optimal cleansing. Powerful ultrasonic at 46 kHz ensures already with clean water hygienic cleanliness. Other applications are small dentures, braces, jewelry, coins and other ultrasonic cleanable parts.


  • All functions are fully processor controlled
  • Effective cleansing by power-ultrasonic
  • Ultrasonic frequency at about 46 kHz
  • Touch sensor button starts 6 min comfort-cleansing program
  • Hold sensor button >3 seconds for manually stand-by
  • Automatically stand-by after 6 min cleansing
  • Tub capacity 100 ml
  • Short time operation KB10
  • Protection class IP43
  • Appliance class II