Hearing Aids


Hearing Aids The selection of hearing aids is based on the type and severity of hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle. A hearing aid technology is basically associated with the number of channels, some hearing instruments are wireless and [...]



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Technical Support


DOWNLOAD Cosma_BTE_ArabicCosma_ITE_Arabiclewi-risa-r-arabiclewi-risa-s- Arabic lewi-risa-r-englishlewi-risa-s-englishmultistreamer-english Cable_Guide presentation_COSMA Featurespresentation_WINGS Features



DOWNLOAD Please download the latest version of audifit to guarantee successful fitting https://fileshare.audifon.com/#/public/shares-downloads/2QflAul4m7495PPzxy83BYK0WCCtbWvY audifit-fitting-guide



DOWNLOAD Professional Brochures Product Catalog High Resolution.pdf Product Catalog Low Resolution.pdf Enjoy The Sounds of Life.pdf Hearing can be so smart-wings.pdf [...]

Technical Data Sheets


DOWNLOAD The below pdf file includes data sheets of all audifon's hearing aids, please download the file and select the desired sheet from the bookmarks menu at the left. Data Sheets audifon Service Instructions [...]

Quality certificates


DOWNLOAD Certificate_Directive_93-42-EWG_en DoC_lewi_risa_BTE DoC_cosma_BTE DoC_cosma_ITE DoC_vico_BTE DoC_vico_ITE Certificate_ISO_13485_eng Certificate_ISO_13485_eng_IQNet   In case you need a notarized certificates, please contact us. [...]

Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik


Hearing aid Laboratory Equipment & Materials Reliability and quality are the cornerstones of egger’s philosophy. Egger brings its entire wealth of experience into the comprehensive offers for laboratory techniques. People from all continents rely on Egger products and services [...]

Grace Medical


Middle Ear Implants Grace Medical is proud to offer the finest in quality and innovation for your ENT needs. Grace Medical is a global market leader, offering an extensive range of products to treat disorders of the ear, [...]

Regional Business Excellence


WE ARE audifon's MENA REGION MASTER DISTRIBUTOR A unique approach for the first time ever to appoint a master distributor for a region by a manufacturer!! audifon and Phoenix Hearing, Ltd. had a business merge based on [...]


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