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Dr. Abed Rabou Qubilat


Dr. Abed Rabou Qubilat FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Glsg), FRCS (Ire)Fellowship in Otology, Germany Dr. Abed Rabuo Qubilat has performed over than 325 successful syringes between the years ( 2017- 2021) .... A certificate of appreciation was offered to his kind persons as a reward for his faith in Graces products among these years, [...]

Dr. Abed Rabou Qubilat2022-03-13T13:20:39+00:00

King Abdullah Universty Hospital


King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) Ministry of Health Irbid, Jordan As a well-recognized distinguished service provider company by public and governmental institutions, Optitones has been awarded several ENT medical supplies tenders for more than ten years>  

King Abdullah Universty Hospital2022-03-13T13:24:26+00:00

Royal Medical Services


Royal Medical Services The Royal Medical Services We are a trusted partner, that provides The Royal Medical Services with Grace Medical middle ear implant, titanium prostheses since 2006.

Royal Medical Services2021-12-25T17:16:59+00:00

Noor AL-Hussein Foundation


Noor Al-Hussein Foundation We have fully contributed in the hearing aid earmold laboratory setup, this allowed NHF to produce earmolds to their hearing impaired beneficiaries directly, moreover, we always make sure to provide their staff with on giong hands-on training and sessions. Optitones volunteered with many outreach campaigns conducted by Noor Al Hussein Foundation [...]

Noor AL-Hussein Foundation2021-12-25T17:13:03+00:00

Central Bank of Jordan


Central Bank of Jordan Optitones provided  the employees who work of the banknote counting and detection machines in Amman, Irbid and Aqaba with specialized noise protectors to maintain their hearing while working in such noisy environment.

Central Bank of Jordan2022-03-13T13:49:54+00:00


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